Retrofits & Repairs

Metal Building Repairs and Upgrades

As part of our commitment to providing value-added services and ongoing support for our clients, Metal Building Group offers building repair, maintenance and retrofitting. From roof repairs to structural modifications, we have the expertise to restore older steel buildings with retrofits and repairs that will bring your steel structure back to life.

We are equipped with advanced roof and wall systems with superior features to improve structural and thermal efficiency, reduce overall maintenance costs and enhance the appearance of a broad range of facilities. Our services include performing both scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs on a wide variety of steel structures.

A metal building retrofit can refresh your cladding envelope, improve your metal building insulation or add daylighting through prismatic skylights. Installation of leading insulated composite panelling dramatically improves thermal performance and reduces energy consumption.

Retrofit Insulation Systems

If your building insulation is insufficient or non-compliant with current building code R-values, we can help you reduce your energy costs. In addition, a properly insulated building will keep out pests and rodents as well as provide an improved sound barrier among other benefits.

We can reface or reskin building exteriors, retrofit roofs, repair drainage problems and complete building modifications including the repair or replacement of building components such as windows and doors.

Metal Building Group’s retrofit, repair and upgrade services include:

  • Site Inspections
  • Building Deficiency Analysis
  • Technical & Engineering Design Assessment & Evaluation
  • Sourcing of Materials
  • Installations & Demolitions

Our scope of work includes dismantling, separating and removing steel buildings to constructing state-of-the-art noise-reducing aircraft enclosures – and everything between.

We have the capacity and expertise to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to design and disseminate the right structures and accessories for your steel structure needs.

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