Hybrid Buildings

Innovative Hybrid Buildings & Techniques

Hybrid buildings have the advantage of being constructed quickly and with design flexibility. The term “hybrid” refers to the use of a variety of materials (such as steel, wood and concrete) as complementary components in the construction of the building.

Hybrid buildings combine the benefits of conventional steel with traditional pre-engineered building systems. This economical alternative to design, engineer, supply and erect hybrid structures gives Metal Building Group a leading advantage in the metal construction industry.

Buildings of all kinds are possible, and applications include industrial and commercial buildings, schools, community centre’s and a wide variety of other structures including:

  • Aviation & Transportation Facilities
  • Manufacturing Buildings & Mills
  • Office Buildings
  • Power Generation Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Indoor Sports Arenas & Practice Facilities
  • Military & Government Buildings
  • Environmental & Recycling Facilities
  • Water Treatment Facilities

The key components of typical hybrid buildings include:

  • A standing seam metal roof (SSR) or metal wall system
  • Cold rolled steel wall girts and roof purlins
  • Conventional steel-laced columns
  • Pre-engineered steel framing system on top of or in addition to conventional steel columns and structures

Hybrid planning considerations include the following:

  • Support for heavy overhead cranes
  • Stringent deflection limitations
  • Large equipment support
  • High building heights and large spans
  • Harsh environmental conditions
  • Other operational specifics and needs

Hybrid buildings have a similar expected lifespan to conventional structures and meet or exceed current energy standards.

Compared to conventional structures, hybrid buildings have the following advantages:

  • Reduced Material Costs
  • Time Savings
  • Lower Labour Costs
  • Reduced Equipment Costs
  • Lower Overhead Costs
  • Customization Possibilities

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